Monday, October 12, 2015

My Master Adventure: Mandarin is the second language in HK. Not English?

Oct 12, 2015.

This weekend a couple of us are doing research targeting Hong Kong high school students’ purchase decision making especially for Luxury (Noreen Frazer & BCIT Marketing Research Class – Thanks for teaching me all that you have.  I’m pulling out from the back of my head what you guys taught me for our Project).  My group is pretty multi-cultural but only 1 Cantonese speaker, me.  We thought that it would have been an issue logistically having only 1 Canto speaker who needs to facilitate ALL the sessions.  And thought we would need to use English to conduct if we are desperate to make it work.  But! You know what?!  Over half of the students are fluent in Mandarin.  50% of them preferred Mandarin over English in communication.  What a surprise!  I have always thought (even studied here for Primary School), English is more important.  Well.  The world has changed after 1997.  Mandarin, in HK, may have became THE second language.  Not English anymore.

User Research In Progress With HK Form 4 
High School Student.

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