Friday, October 16, 2015

Coach Celebrity Endorsement + Gureilla Marketing - Localised Angelababy Wedding Personalised Gift

Angelababy is Coach's celebrity endorser in Asia targeting the young Chinese customer base.

Smart tactic of Coach to make a personalised wedding gift to Angelababy with its 2016 Spring Saddle Bag with the newly wed couple's initials "ah", in-scripted their wedding day and "Forever Love" blessing to the couple.  Colour selection was bright and sweet considering lucky colour perceived by Chinese and the personality of Angelababy and her husband.  Well executed.

Angelababy and her husband, Huang Xiapming, both are well known celebrities.  Their wedding was higher profile.  "ah" was the "brand" the couple used in their wedding that had a lot of media coverage.  Coach, as a result, benefited from the buzz and promoted their brand and 2016 Spring product.

Celebrity endorsement following through the life events of the celebrity was smart of Coach.  Wondering whether Coach will offer personalise products services.  Millennials, young target customers, Coach wants to reach to using Angelababy as the celebrity endorser like uniqueness and personalise products.  Young Chinese luxury purchasers wants to be different though want the well-known brand to showcase their status.  Luxury brands offering personalised products would have a market targeting this need.

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