Saturday, October 17, 2015

My Master Adventure: My New Notebook

Oct 17, 2015

The way we study and the tools we use for our study changed so much since I was last in school.  

Note Taking

Evernote is now my friend.  I take electronic notes using Evernote that I can access with my MacPro, Tablet, Mobile Phone, and any school computer as long as I'm hook up to internet.  

Of course, I have a few binders with line paper that I hand writing note down.  I have to bring the physical binder with me between school and work to reference on my notes.  Lots of paper and much heavier bag.

We use We Chat to schedule group meeting, and share notes.  I have at least 6 We Chat groups each for a different project to bounce idea, share notes, and coordinate work.  I love the stickers for expressing emotion or just for fun.  

I message my Game Design tutor about a game company the professor talked about that I didn't catch the name.  He responded right away and I find out what company it is before class while following the conversion between the professor and other students.  

We ask for everyone's phone number and email in the first few class.  We coordinate meetings after class to schedule meeting time.  I call my fellow group members to discuss one at a time or we coordinate meetings.

When I don't understand something, I note down all my questions.  Then, go to the tutorial scheduled to ask my tutors.  Tutor answer students questions one at a time.

Submit Homework
Online.  Anywhere with internet.

Print hardcopy.  Physically put into submission slot at school.

Online.  Anywhere with internet.  Continue discussion anytime.  

Go to tutorial.  Discuss in class facilitated by tutor.  I don't like speaking up in front of everyone.  

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