Monday, April 28, 2008

Wan Ji Noodle House on Clarke Road

Location: Clarke Road @ Smithe Street in Coquitlam

A tiny entrance in a location that you might have just passed by so many times on Clarke Road without paying attention to these restaurants. I didn't want to keep going to the same Korean restaurants that my family always go in Coquitlam. There are so many choices as more and more Korean move into this area. We can definitely try out some authentic Korean restaurants. There are 2 Korean restaurants in this mall but I tried the one on the left because my mom didn't like the bad ventilation in the one on the right. It is a Korean Noodle House. Never try one before.

Food Quality: 3.5/5
The taste is pretty good. Not a lot of selection. I guess it is popular to have restaurants selling specialized food. There are only 4 hot pot noodle dishes, pancakes, a few meat dishes and BBQ Pork set (must order at least 2).

I tried:
  • Beef + vegetables hot pot - the soup base is really good with (I believe) homemade noodles. The taste is pretty good but nothing special. I enjoyed the soup a lot. Korean always make really good soup.
  • Steamed pork with bleached Chinese cabbage + chilli marinated radish strips - I tried this dish at a cafeteria style restaurant attached to Hannah Supermarket on North Road. This restaurant removed most of the fatter portion of the pork. It tastes less fatty.
  • Kimchi side dish - They serve a big dish of kimchi. I like this fresh type of kimchi without fermentation. However, I have better kimchi before. I prefer the kimchi I had in Hannah Supermarket cafeteria. The kimchi there has a sweeter taste. I was addicted to it.
Service: 4.5/5
The Korean waitress was super nice. She even taught us how to eat our appetizer dish (rice, rasted seaweek, sesame, other grain mixed with the hot sauce). Korean server always pay close attention to their customers and even cook for their customers if you order BBQ. Great service!

Price: $21 for 2 dishes

Atmosphere: 3/5
Nothing special. Just like other $10 per person meal restaurants. Bright, good air ventilation (very important for Korean restaurant serving BBQ), and well spaced.

Pepitas on Burrard

Location: 2nd FLR @ corner of Burrard & W. 4th Street

Searching for a decent place for Spanish Tapas in Vancouver is not a easy thing to do at all. There are very limited choice. I found Pepitas on Burrard.

Food Quality:
It is pretty good. The portion is bigger than I thought. I don't have anything to compare to the taste and how authentic is the Spanish food as this was the first time I tried.
I tried:
  • Clam & Mussel - Bigger portion than I thought it would be. Clams and mussels were submerged in clear soup that is quite taste. I enjoyed the soup with the juices from the seafood.
  • BBQ Squid - I am a big squid or octupus fan. I might be a bit bias to this but I found the squid taste pretty good. I like the sour and freshness from the lemon.
  • Roast Lamb - Portion was quite big. Good portion of stewed meat and stewed fresh vegetables and roasted potato. I didn't find it that exciting. However, it was quite tasty as a stew dish.
  • Mexican Salad - I find it a bit sour but works well with the meat dish.
Service: 4/5
The waitress was pretty attentive to us. Nothing special.

Atmosphere: 4/5
I would love to have my birthday party here. I love the atmosphere. The restaurant is a great big space that can accommodate a few long table and you can see all your friends. There very small stage for a live band. I enjoyed the colorful paper decoration all over the restaurant. Next year, I will have my birthday party here when I am in Vancouver.

Price: $70 for 4 dishes + 2 drinks.