Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother's Day Social Media Videos That Works

It's Mother's Day this Sunday!  There are always a few great ads every year that leave you a warm and fuzzy feeling that I look forward to.

Content, regardless of videos or posts, that touches people heart and makes you laugh/cry that people love to share.  It's one of the know ingredient that makes content viral.  

Mother's Day is definitely a time when brands pull out their best trick to put out touchy filly content.

"American Greeting" and "Hallmark" in the same category both published video this year for Mother's Day.  The former is created intended to be a social media video and did an awesome job incorporating the funny and touchy emotion elements to the video to make it likeable and shareable.  "Hallmark" video is a TV commercial also stir up emotion but the "viral" element is clearly missed. 

Even though both are video aiming to leave viewers be in that Mother's Day emotion, there are a clear difference in execution for TV and for social media.  What works for TV will not get you the likes and share that you are looking to achieve.   

What great Mother's Day marketing have you seen this year?

 'World's Toughest Job' Applicants Pranked With Heartfelt #worldstoughestjobby American Greeting

Thank You Mom - Happy Mother's Day - Hallmark TV Commercial