Friday, August 16, 2013

Asia - First T8 Typhoon Encounter

The start of our first Asia exploration trip stop one , Malaysia, was delayed slightly by our very first T8 typhoon, Utor.  Planned to stay overnight at a hotel before our connection flight ended up spending at KL airport.  We were grateful that it was a delay not a cancellation.  Checking out KL will have to wait until our next visit  then. 

The KL airport was a lot older than i remembered.  I can't imagine how the Subang  airport which we will be taking our domestic flight to Kota Bharu. 

Only putting down our backpack for a little over half a year, we seem to lost our backpacking instinct.  We totally forgot to check with the bank.whether the ATM machine accept 4 or 6 digits PIN .  A mini heart attack just before we sat down for a "local" breakfast at Old Town White Coffee.

Malaysia here we come.