Friday, July 31, 2015

Kicking Off My Master Adventure

It’s been 6 weeks since my Master of Interaction Design Program started.  Yeh!  I’m going back to school being out of it for 8 years.   Why?  I have been thinking of a Master for a while.  Been thinking about MBA but do I really want to climb the corporate ladder?  Do I want to be a VP eventually?  What makes me happy?  What lifestyle do I (and Charlie) want?  Since I started working, I’ve been talking and observing my managers, Directors, and VPs about career path and what it takes to be where they are.  Working super hard toward it.  But am I happy?  Is what they are doing and what they have given up to get to where they are what I am willing to and want to do?  Been putting it off to find something of my passion.  Who knows it would take me years to action.  Finding a path is not easy continuously in life!

Looking back and reflect, only working on UX related projects made me tirelessly and stubbornly wanting to talk about and work on it all day and night.  I guess that’s passion. Getting a more “technical” degree would point me to a more specialised route.  It would be a better bet to a more “freelance” lifestyle that I wanted ultimately.  I have 30 more years ahead of me.  Trying something new now is thrilling.  What’s the rush to advance? I convinced myself to hand in my resignation.

My second home for the next year.  

PolyU Design School Building designed by world renowned 
architecture Ms. Aha Hadid. 

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