Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Master Adventure - Concept Map

How does design start?  I've always wonder whether designer just got strike by an idea because they are creative and run with it.  Actually, in most incidence, designers use various tool to get design ideas.

One of which we got introduced to this month is Concept Map.  

My PolyU Interaction Design Group in
Discussion to Construct Concept Map.

Concept Map Example
Image Source:http://www.flaguide.org/cat/conmap/conmapf1.gif

My PolyU Interaction Design Group Discussing the
Relationship of Key Concepts.

Working Out Relationship of Key Concept.

We started off with secondary research on a topic expanding our knowledge on it.  Then, shortlist all the key words from our research topic as we go on a post-it.  Next to discuss and map out the relationship of all these key words and marking down these relationship using lines and phrases indicating their relationship.

Organising Material Found From Secondary Research.

Organising Material Found From Secondary Research.

Organising Material Found From Secondary Research.
 Through Concept Mapping, we get a thorough understanding of our topic, what aspect it has a relationship to and in what way.  The Concept Map allows us to get inspiration of design idea to address an issue on had we try to resolve and to assess the impact of our idea to various aspect that it touches that is critically important.  If we want to design something that can be executed and achieve what it intended, especially for social and cultural solution, we need to know how it impact different aspect in this web of relationship.

The book "101 Design Methods" by Vijay Kumar is a great resource for design tools from research, analysis, ideation, concept generation, and framing concept with case study for each method to better illustrate its use with examples.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

My Master Adventure: My New Notebook

Oct 17, 2015

The way we study and the tools we use for our study changed so much since I was last in school.  

Note Taking

Evernote is now my friend.  I take electronic notes using Evernote that I can access with my MacPro, Tablet, Mobile Phone, and any school computer as long as I'm hook up to internet.  

Of course, I have a few binders with line paper that I hand writing note down.  I have to bring the physical binder with me between school and work to reference on my notes.  Lots of paper and much heavier bag.

We use We Chat to schedule group meeting, and share notes.  I have at least 6 We Chat groups each for a different project to bounce idea, share notes, and coordinate work.  I love the stickers for expressing emotion or just for fun.  

I message my Game Design tutor about a game company the professor talked about that I didn't catch the name.  He responded right away and I find out what company it is before class while following the conversion between the professor and other students.  

We ask for everyone's phone number and email in the first few class.  We coordinate meetings after class to schedule meeting time.  I call my fellow group members to discuss one at a time or we coordinate meetings.

When I don't understand something, I note down all my questions.  Then, go to the tutorial scheduled to ask my tutors.  Tutor answer students questions one at a time.

Submit Homework
Online.  Anywhere with internet.

Print hardcopy.  Physically put into submission slot at school.

Online.  Anywhere with internet.  Continue discussion anytime.  

Go to tutorial.  Discuss in class facilitated by tutor.  I don't like speaking up in front of everyone.  

My Master Adventure - 20 hours AI Crash Course

How I learn AI?  When I have an assignment due in 2 days, I picked it up by doing with the huge help of a few true designer fellow students who spare their time to help me out while they also have to finish the assignment, a few youtube tutorial and trial and error!

For a newbie, my first AI project is not too shabby?!

Image and icon source: thenounproject (https://thenounproject.com/)

Clock Design: Personas

Clock design: illustrate interaction setting the time.

Clock design: illustrate AM/PM indication

Clock design: chest construction

Clock Design: illustrate how to set alarm

Clock Design: illustrate alarm mode

Clock Design: illustrate turning off alarm

Clock Design: User Journey Map

Friday, October 16, 2015

Coach Celebrity Endorsement + Gureilla Marketing - Localised Angelababy Wedding Personalised Gift

Angelababy is Coach's celebrity endorser in Asia targeting the young Chinese customer base.

Smart tactic of Coach to make a personalised wedding gift to Angelababy with its 2016 Spring Saddle Bag with the newly wed couple's initials "ah", in-scripted their wedding day and "Forever Love" blessing to the couple.  Colour selection was bright and sweet considering lucky colour perceived by Chinese and the personality of Angelababy and her husband.  Well executed.

Angelababy and her husband, Huang Xiapming, both are well known celebrities.  Their wedding was higher profile.  "ah" was the "brand" the couple used in their wedding that had a lot of media coverage.  Coach, as a result, benefited from the buzz and promoted their brand and 2016 Spring product.

Celebrity endorsement following through the life events of the celebrity was smart of Coach.  Wondering whether Coach will offer personalise products services.  Millennials, young target customers, Coach wants to reach to using Angelababy as the celebrity endorser like uniqueness and personalise products.  Young Chinese luxury purchasers wants to be different though want the well-known brand to showcase their status.  Luxury brands offering personalised products would have a market targeting this need.

Image source:

Monday, October 12, 2015

My Master Adventure: Mandarin is the second language in HK. Not English?

Oct 12, 2015.

This weekend a couple of us are doing research targeting Hong Kong high school students’ purchase decision making especially for Luxury (Noreen Frazer & BCIT Marketing Research Class – Thanks for teaching me all that you have.  I’m pulling out from the back of my head what you guys taught me for our Project).  My group is pretty multi-cultural but only 1 Cantonese speaker, me.  We thought that it would have been an issue logistically having only 1 Canto speaker who needs to facilitate ALL the sessions.  And thought we would need to use English to conduct if we are desperate to make it work.  But! You know what?!  Over half of the students are fluent in Mandarin.  50% of them preferred Mandarin over English in communication.  What a surprise!  I have always thought (even studied here for Primary School), English is more important.  Well.  The world has changed after 1997.  Mandarin, in HK, may have became THE second language.  Not English anymore.

User Research In Progress With HK Form 4 
High School Student.