Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Master Adventure - Concept Map

How does design start?  I've always wonder whether designer just got strike by an idea because they are creative and run with it.  Actually, in most incidence, designers use various tool to get design ideas.

One of which we got introduced to this month is Concept Map.  

My PolyU Interaction Design Group in
Discussion to Construct Concept Map.

Concept Map Example
Image Source:http://www.flaguide.org/cat/conmap/conmapf1.gif

My PolyU Interaction Design Group Discussing the
Relationship of Key Concepts.

Working Out Relationship of Key Concept.

We started off with secondary research on a topic expanding our knowledge on it.  Then, shortlist all the key words from our research topic as we go on a post-it.  Next to discuss and map out the relationship of all these key words and marking down these relationship using lines and phrases indicating their relationship.

Organising Material Found From Secondary Research.

Organising Material Found From Secondary Research.

Organising Material Found From Secondary Research.
 Through Concept Mapping, we get a thorough understanding of our topic, what aspect it has a relationship to and in what way.  The Concept Map allows us to get inspiration of design idea to address an issue on had we try to resolve and to assess the impact of our idea to various aspect that it touches that is critically important.  If we want to design something that can be executed and achieve what it intended, especially for social and cultural solution, we need to know how it impact different aspect in this web of relationship.

The book "101 Design Methods" by Vijay Kumar is a great resource for design tools from research, analysis, ideation, concept generation, and framing concept with case study for each method to better illustrate its use with examples.

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