Friday, September 25, 2015

My Master Adventure: Bye-Bye Double Life.

Sept. 15, 2015.

It’s my last day of my schizophrenic life!  3 months is over.  I can now finally focus on my school work not having to rush right after class, getting on a taxi, back to work.  Sneaking out early from work, taxi to school and apologize being late to class/work meetings.  I’ve done it!  

Classmates, thanks for being understanding the last few weeks.  I’m fully on now!  Rolling up my sleeves ready to take on becoming an Interactive Designer!

I’m still astonished that my ex-boss now living in NY called me to wish me luck but my current boss left for vacation on my last day without saying or texting or emailing me to say good-bye.  Some relationship, not just Men, just doesn’t workout.  You will never know why. Just need to accept it and move on.  “Dear XXXX, I’m officially leaving you.  Good-Bye.”

Another lesson in life. 

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