Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sync Shared Calendar

"Why didn't you tell me you aren't coming home for dinner?", A said.

" I told you last week and reminded you yesterday.", B replied.

"But you didn't remind me today!!!", A said.

"...........sorry......", B said

Does this situation sound familiar?  I've heard some of my friends living with folks who are in their 50s or older encountering similar situation frequently.  

Most people in their 50s start to show more signs of aging.  One of the more noticeable sign is forgetfulness.  Nothing major but just becoming more frequent that they forgot something they've been notified or told and not remembering to bring things.  They are all more short term thing that are being increasingly hard to remember.

Sometime they need to be remained multiple times.  Otherwise, it will create a lot of misunderstanding and create conflict within the family.   However, for the younger folks in the family, requiring to remain them constantly and being asked multiple times can be frustrating and if you showed it to them, it will create conflict among family members.  What can you do?

Wouldn't it be cool if we can have a auto reminder function in our phones that get sent to the phone of family members who need frequent reminder?  You just need to punch in an event and set up alert frequency. Win-Win situation!

Also, it would be awesome if we can have a shared calendar on the fridge that sync with the calendar of all family members' mobile on shared events.  On the day of, the calendar on the fridge will display everyone's schedule.  All family members just need to read off everyone's schedule.  it helps those who are busy with their life or has becoming a little forgetful to be on the ball of everyone's schedule.  

No more conflicts or misunderstanding!  Wouldn't that be awesome?!  I hope someone is working on it somewhere and it will be come affordable in the next 5 years or so.


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