Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oranges and Chinese

I saw a Chinese man on skytrain yesterday on the way back home from work during rush hour.  I was listening to my iPod then I smelled a strong scent of orange.  I look around and saw this Chinese man in front of me munching on a peeled whole orange with one hand and holding onto the handle to stabilize himself in the mist of a huge crowd cramping like sardines in the train.  He was working on the orange trying to bit ever piece of it.

It is great that he chose a healthy snack but what an awkward choice in that kind of environment.  Beside the strong scent, the juicy orange will squirt everywhere - into the back of the person standing right in front of him, and into the eyes of someone who is sitting next to him.

Then I remember, as a Chinese myself, oranges seems to be our most common fruit that my grandma and mom usually serve after dinner.  I wonder why orange is "the" choice of fruit for Chinese? Or is it?

Chinese is always practical and economical.  Is it because it is easy to preserve and mobile?  Is it because it is full of Vitamin C and it's economically priced? Is it because Chinese like it juicy and plum? Or is it because the strong scent of orange clean the left over smell of their yummy but strong aroma Chinese dinner?

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