Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Gig - iPad!

 The new Mac gig launched today - iPad!  The price of iPad is actually not bad.  Despite the name, it is a pretty good toy for someone who has a work laptop and want something personal that is mobile with a more eye-friendly display than an iPhone for reading articles, documents or books on the go.  Seriously, I hate carrying 2 laptops when I travel for work!  I want something for personal use but really didn't like carrying 2 laptops.  It is such a hazel especially nowadays US limit the carry on allowance.

Price is pretty decent considering I probably won't buy an iPhone if I have this as I already have a BlackBerry Storm.  

However, I do want to truly have a one device for my personal use.  I wish it has a camera as well...

I have to comment about their naming.  You know what is the first thing that come to my mind?  

Whoever named it, sorry...I can't resist.  I didn't like the naming AT ALL.  Did you do user research with women in the group?  Who would name it iPad?  It is just my opinion.  lol.

I think iPad is good for someone who:
  • has  work laptop
  • wants to use their personal laptop for browsing, email, dowloading, streaming etc.
  • already has a Blackberry from work or a personal mobile phone but want something personal that is mobile
  • perhaps travels for work a lot and doesn't want to carry 2 laptop for personal and work usage

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