Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monocle: (One of) My Favourite Magazine!!!

I found Monocle (www.monocle.com ) when I was randomly walking on Queen Street one day.  This is such a fantastic magazine with a bit of politic, economy, culture, & design of not only one country but the globe.  And it is for a value price of about $11 CAD.

Nowadays with way too much information to keep up with from way too many sources that I need to keep updating myself or RSS feed from.  HELP!!!  It is so hard to manage all these information.  And I can't possibly afford buying one magazine for news, another for fashion, another for food and culture, another for finance etc.  Also, I can't buy one of each of these for each of the country I'm interested to get the news from.

I always wanted an all-in-one magazine and I FOUND it!!!!

Monocle is available in Drake's Hotel, Chapters and Coles.  It is weird though.  For a year subscription that they mail to your house, you have to pay 15 pounds for each copy (if I remember correctly.  This is way more expensive this way for some reasons.

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  1. I concur. Monocle is a well-written and extremely informative magazine... Highly recommended.