Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wicked Packaging - "Too Cool For School"

Would you think "Too Cool For School" is a brand name?  What about a cosmetic and skin care brand name?  It is a relatively new cosmetic brand originates from Korea.  It is quite out of the box compare to the well known cosmetic brands seen in market from Japan, North America, or Europe.  The cuteness and freshness of some of the Korean cosmetic brands stood out from the sea of cosmetic brands becoming its differentiator.  I cannot resist to buy a thing or two after seeing the packaging even I know nothing about the brand.  Kudos to the packing design of "Too Cool For School".  Packaging is known to be an essential part for cosmetics and skin care.  However, for long term, the effectiveness of the product and the reputation of quality are the most important.  Packaging gotten me to buy it the first time and may be as a gift for friends but will the product be good enough for me to repurchase?   

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