Wednesday, March 19, 2014

McDonald (天猫)Store Presence

Holy!  Never have I experience such shopping experience online with North America websites.  There are much to be learned with what China is doing. is one of the most popular commerce sites in China but for reputable brands compare to where individual retailer can have a presence.

Check out how McDonald / T-mall ties traffics from Weibo (China version of Twitter) to McDonald's Tmall store front.  See that dial that over lay my mobile screen when I browse a post on McDonald's Weibo?  Just click on the shopping cart and it will send traffic off to the Tmall McDonald page not to just view McDonald brand but to be able to buy a drink or food online!  Wicked isn't it.


Check out the store front on Tmall.  It imitate an actual store front online.  I knew I can place delivery order online but never thought I can go to an online mall to buy a drink.  You have to go into a store using the QR code to get the drink so it is not seamless online purchase and it gets delivered to your house.  There isn't a real discount to incent users to buy from the net vs. in-store except that you get Tmall points for the purchase.  But it is a cool experience indeed from Weibo to online store front on a centralize ecommerce
 platform.  You get to see your community commenting about the product and such as well.  Will the big guns in North America like Amazon would do something similar soon?  It won't be long for Tmall, Taobao and Tencent to spread outside of China.  If you are not keeping an eye on these Chinese online players, you better do so starting now and learn from them fast.

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