Monday, March 31, 2014

China Ecommerce Trend: New Way To Break Through The Many Brands and Retailers on TaoBao (掏宝)

TaoBao is the place to go to buy anything under the sun.  There are so many retailers and brands.  How do you compete and make your products stands out to drive sales? (磨菇街) recognize that this not only a seller issue but also a consumer issue!  The quality of product varies significantly.  It is tough work for consumers to find their way through all these products to find what they like.  So came up with a solution! is a site targeting female clothing.  They find clothing on TaoBao that is on trend with good quality.  Then, mix and match and merchandise them on their site so it does the work for the ladies to find and match on trend clothing.  This is perfect for us ladies, isn't it? 

What's so brilliant about is not only that.  Look closer.  Does it reminds you of Pinterest?  Yes!  Ladies love Pinterest and it is the same in China.  But does one step further and better than Pinterest.  Social Media platforms in the Western world are having a hard time landing in a model that drive revenue.  Just look to the East and they will find a model that work. present clothing as if blogger or anyone off the street sharing mix and match on trend using nice photos while the community can comment, "pin", and share.  When you see something you like, just click on the photo then you see the price and "Add to Cart" button.  The focal point is "sharing" so you don't feel that it is a selling site but the natural next steps for ladies who see something they like is then ask "where do I buy it"., right then and there, conveniently present "Add to Cart" for the ladies to purchase.

Brilliant isn't it?

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