Saturday, March 8, 2014

Getting a Degree or Master Is No Longer Enough

When I was a kid, a bachelor degree is good enough to land you a good job.  Growing up in a Chinese family, knowledge gains through the traditional education system and books are the only routes I knew to learn.  All the way through college and a couple of years after I joined the work force that was all I knew.  Not until the last couple of years do I realized, in this age with knowledge and information pouring into your face by the second that the most up to date and relevant knowledge is no longer gained through school.  

Keeping yourself up to date on the latest news and industry trends are vital to keep you valuable in market.  We have to an era that school only give you the basics.  We all have to keep ourselves educated every day.  Be prepared that there will be no end to learning.  It used to be an option to upgrade your self if you want to climb up the ladder.  This has become a requirement to keep yourself competitive.  Like the habit to read news everyday, we need to get into a habit to read news in the field you are in everyday to keep yourself apace to the industry to keep yourself relevant.  Is there less need to learn knowledge through school then for our future generation?  Knowledge dispersing rate seems to be so much slower through the school system compare to the Internet.  What do you think?

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