Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Not-For-Profit & Corporate Joint Campaign: World Vision 30 Hours Famine & Cafe De Coral

Cafe De Coral ran a pretty cool campaign with World Vision 30 Hours Famine this year.  Aside from awareness, consumers can immediately participate.  The program lets consumers pick whether they want to donate a full meal or 1/2 a meal to World Vision for the 30 hours famine that ties in well with the famine theme.  When received the 1/2 meal, a standee with a thank-you note is placed on the food tray that fits 1/2 the meal and the standee to reward the consumer for such choice and publicly recognized them.   

Store level execution was pretty neat as well.  Cafe De Coral put out posters, on-table sticker with QR code to drive people to their website for more info on the campaign, and there's quite a bit of messaging on their daily menu so it is very eye catching.

Cafe De Coral has high coverage.  Giving consumer an easy and rewarding way to participate and support a good cause not only drive participation but awareness as well in a grass root way.  Way to go!

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