Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Day 1 in Australia

Finally arrived Australia after a 7 hours flight. My jet lag absolutely messed up my biological clock. First is the 16 hours in HK and now another 3 more hours in Sydney. I had to wake up at 3AM HK time to get off the plane. It was absolutely brutal.

I, however, have to say the service of Virgin Atlantic was EXCELLENT. They are delightful and service is one of the best so far out of all the flight rides I did in the past few years. The flight attendants (guys and gals) are pretty (one of the key criteria, I think, has to be pleasant to the eyes and can squeeze pass the food cart thing to get around), great attitude and great service. I absolutely love my personal TV with video games and the functionality that I can fast-forward and rewind whatever movie I am watching. They even give you a travel package with EVERYTHING it used to be in the travel package before all the airlines cut cost.

Perhaps because of my lag of sleep, my first day in Sydney didn't start well. I went to the information booth for information and wanted to buy a bus pass. The person there put me onto a city tour bus pass that is 80 dollars too expensive. I was so choked to find out from a friend later on I met up that night. :-(

And I went to the Fish Market (well this one that is coming is more of my stupidity. Should perhpas pay more attention during Grade 3 Math or Science class) intended to have a fest on seafood. I saw this gorgeous tuna sashi calling my name so I orded 1/4 kg and 200 g salmon...and a dozen of oyster ...and some jumbo tiger pawn. WAY TOO MUCH. I have no idea how much 1/4 kg is . I ordered enough for 4 people at least and almost cried with the bill that I have to pay. However, I did enjoyed the delicious sashimi.

Run out of internet time. Got to go.

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