Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Day 1 con't - Need a Darling to go to Darling Habour

Darling harbour was like one of the small town I went to in Crete, Greece. There are lots of "Yale Town" like restaurant with amazing interior design and gorgeous view of the harbour. I wish I have my friends with me to enjoy the food and drink. Food and drink in Sydney aren't cheap at all.

I popped by the Aquarium after touring around the harbour. It has been so long since I last visit an Aquarium. Saw platypus, crocodile, sharks, "Nemo", "Dory", "Gill", "Bubble" and much more.

The weather in Australia is soo odd. I thought, well I heard, that the weather at this time is crazily hot. However, the first day was raining, cold and windy. I have not see the sun yet. Apparently, I bought the rain to Australia with me. From what the gals in the hostel told me, it was super hot the week before I came.

It was amazing what a variety of people is sharing the room with me. Seriously, all over the place in one room. From Korea, Jap, Taiwan, Germany, (of course) Canada, England.... Though we had a hard time communicating, it was nice to have people to talk with at night. A lot of people have a year of working visa so they travel and work at the same time. Seriously, not long after I arrived, I found out I didn't have enogh time to just travel around Sydney. Damn, I should have done the same and just take of for a year after school to do this. So jealous hearing crazy stories from people.

I met up with a friend of my cousin for Jap food. She tried to help me refund my expensive, unnecessary, tour bus pass. No luck. I am sooo glad Lisa was around to keep me company. As you know from my Fish Market experience, sharing is a good thing.

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