Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 8 - 1 More Day To the Open-Water

The bunch of people I was in class with was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! They were such a fun crowd to be in class with. I spent most of the morning doing pool stuff and the rest of the day in class. I was so good not to be persuade into buying scuba equipment though I did buy a snorkle mask. I wish Vancouver weather is as warm as here just one month of the year so I can go snorkel.

Australia stuff is pricy. Everything fun cost $$. Not like in Europe that you can go really cheap to walk and tour around in the city yourself. I guess it is like everywhere. People try in whatever way they can to get $$ out of tourists (ME). There was a Aboriginal Park north of Cairns that I really want to go and was looking into joining a tour to go. Good that I was walking around town and chatting with a few bus drivers. They told me I can get a one-day bus pass that will take me to the park for $7.00 AUS and I can take as many ride as I want to between Cairns and the park. Jesus. What a rip off!!! The tours organized from YHA has FANTASTIC prices. If you are planning to join a tour, go with them! One tips. If you are travelling (wherever), go to the local transit office to ask first before you join a tour or buy expensive bus pass for tourists (like me) if you want to travel for a budget.

I ended my day finishing my disgusting pasta and a walk in the Night Market at Esplande Road, close to the water. There were all kind of souvenirs to buy, food to eat and even cheap massages.

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  1. hey jo, looks like you're having an amazing time. :) can't wait to see the great barrier reef myself sometime....sad i missed out on exploring it with you. i just got back yesterday and can't believe i start classes in just a couple days....
    anyhow, have a great time in HK and at the wedding! :) take care!