Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Day 2 - Why Blue Moutain is blue?

I originally going to join a vineyard tour but I heard so much great things about Blue Moutain that I can't resist going. Well, I guess I just have to visit the Liquour Store a few more times to try the Australian wines myself.

I seriously need to do somethign about my carelessness in my peronal life. I thought the pick up time was 7:30 AM instead of 7:20 AM. Good that I checked 10 past 7. I feel sorry for my roommates that I throw everything into my locker when I rushed out. It was like Organic Chem Lab all over again (for those took classes with me, you know how many flasks I broke. Glad the TA liked me).

When I got there, I was so confused which bus is which. There are 10 millioin tour buses (they call coach) in front of the freaking hostel. I have to run around like a mad woman asking around which is my bus. Good god that the bus was late.

I felt so out of place on the bus. Most of the touring folks were retired couples. There were 2 gals from Jap (I tried to use my long lost Japanese to converse), and a pair of couple from Mexico who are around my age.

Blue Moutain was amazing. I have never seen things like this. I guess you can see something simliar to the Grand Canyon but more green. There was a section of the area call the Three Sisters. Apparently, it was really famous among the Japanese. There was a legend that came with it. 3 sisters from a tribe fell in love with 3 young man from the opposing tribe. The father or the "wise man" turns them into stones when the 3 young man wanted to take them away with them (you can see the pic when I have it uploaded). The view was amazing.

I also to some place call the Scenic World. I rode a scary train, which traveling down the rainforest park in a at least 45 degree angle if not more. It was great fun though but I was glad I did not drop my camera down the rail. The peak of the rainforest was amazing. There were a lot of things in the nature that I have not seen I found after the 2nd day I was in Australia. There are so many special creatures and natural scenery that you can't see else where.

In the afternoon, we went to the Jenolan Cave. I wish I have time to do the caving tour. You will see from my picutre how amazing the cave is. I can't image people from the 1800s' cave into these cave with just candle light. Women even had to climb in in skirts and men had to climb fully dressed with jacket and gloves. Crazy isn't it. All the stones in the cave are coated with a layer of crystal. The cave took at least 300 millions years to form. That makes me think how insignificant human beings are. We only live on earth for no more than 100 years. Most people will be forgotten, if you are lucky, 50 years after you die. Compare it to 300 millions years. From what the tour guide told us, the cave was formed by compressing dead bodies of creatures since 300 milion years ago. They all got compressed and flipped. Acidic rain sneaked into the cracks and start eating up the rocks to form the cave after millions of years.

Amazing isn't it?

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