Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 4 - Passionate Korean drunk....

I went to the Zoo early this morning to take picture with Koala and made the most out of my expensive tour bus pass. Look at my picture. Koala are no longer allow to be hold while you take picture because that put too much stress on them. A lot of them picked up disease with so much human contact and it interact to their 20 hours sleep need. Isn't the Koala cute. I also saw a few animals that I have not seen before. Some from Lion King.

I then went to Opera house, bridge and botanic garden. Botanic Garden was alright. Tourists I met totally over-rated this place. Vancouver has much nicer parks.
Opera House is totally not what I vision it to be. I always see picutres of the Opera House shot from far away and thought it is made out of canvas. However, the actual building is built out of tile like stuff. It was pretty amazing seeing it from close up. It is totally true the old Chinese saying "Study ten-thousand of books is not better than walking ten-thousand miles of road".
I met a Korean guy from the tour bus and he bought me dinner at the Sydney Tower at night. Good god. I would not have gone to the place for the buffet dinner (cost almost $70 AUS). I normally eat only sandwiches or toasts and milk for dinner. Who would have known? I end up having a nice dinner with the view of Sydney. For the first time, I had Kangaroo meat at the buffet dinner. The texture is like well-done beef though it is only medium-rare. It didn't have much taste to it, however. Beef is much better tasting than Kangaroo meat. I had a lot of delicious oysters, octopus, mussels, shrimps, lambs, beefs and honey yogurt! Semillion sauvignon blanc is a pretty good wine.

I ended up spending the rest of the night with a few people from Hong Kong I met in the morning enjoying another bottle of Australian white wine.
Right when I was about to go to my room and pack. I gave the left over chips to a bunch of Japanese. That turns out to be a 3 hours long chat. Can you believe it? Food is always a good way to bribe people or a tool to make friends. lol. I now have a few places to stay if I travel to Korea or Japan.

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