Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A friend of mine in her early 20s, who just got her first job, asked me what she needs to buy for her new wardrobe.  It bought back a lot of memories how difficult it was to start a work wardrobe.  

Being the youngest generation in the work force sometime can be very difficult.  I remember I have to purposely put on my glasses, choose my make-up carefully, and always dress professionally to make myself appear more mature.  Because I'm (I was) so young, how I carry myself in the workforce is so important.  I'm green, inexperience, if I appear to be like a school kid, it would be very difficult for others at work to take me seriously.

Though my work place is very casual, I always dress professionally.  You think I don't want to pull on my hoodie and jeans to work?

Just this year, I feel that I can relax a bit in my appearance.  Does it mean that I am getting old and appearing older so I no longer need to dress young?  Yikes.

Below - adapted from Professional Dress Code tips by D. Burleson

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