Sunday, February 28, 2010

We're Canadian!

I never know Canadian can be so patriotic.  The past 2 weeks of Winter Olympic was truly eye opening.  Even friends of mine who are born in Canada told me they have not seen Canadian showing this side of themselves.  

I've always wonder whether mosaic multiculturalism really works.  Are Canadian only a bunch of people of different culture living in their own cultural community on the same soil without anything holding them together or there are a glue that stick us, the mosaic pieces, together as one nation?  This Winter Olympic gave me a definite answer that WE'RE ONE NATION!  It is pretty awesome to see different ethnic group wearing red and waving a Canadian flag cheering on "Go Canada Go!".  Yes, this Olympic is expensive and we have to pay for the bill but it bought us an opportunity to bring all of us, Canadian, together!  And that is priceless.  

I already miss you, Winter Olympic!  Thanks to you, I see how patriotic, we, Canadian can be!  

I'm proud to be Canadian!!!  Go Canada Go!!! 

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