Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why people grew to like Red Wine?

In a documentary I’ve watched, I’ve heard the first time that human taste buds get less sensitive as time pass.  My taste changes multiple time over the years.  This got me in thinking.  From my conversations with friends around my age, most of them prefer white wine over red wine.  Only in the pst year that I start drinking red wine that is not full body, such as Malbec.  I notice that more mature people prefer red wine over white wine.  Age seems to be a factor to people’s wine preference.  This information makes this observatioin in perfect sense.


Younger taste buds are more sensitive.  Mild taste of white wine is already enough to stimulate the sesenses.  As the taste buds got dull and less sensitive, we need stronger and fuller wine to have the equivalent stimulation.  Hence, as we mature, we grew to appreciate red wine.

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  1. ah this is interesting
    i guess i m younger but have dying taste buds :P