Sunday, April 26, 2009

Keep your day-to-day life as your travelling days

During one of my hours on a 36 hours bus ride to El Calafate in Argentina, my travelling buddies and me discuss how do we get back to our “routine” day-to-day life.  After a long backpacking trip like this with action packed activities day-after-day, going back home would be a big adjustment I’m definitely not looking forward to.   


Being used to be on the road for a few months in combination of temporarily moving to Toronto and this out-of-the-blue backpacking trip to South America, I’m not so sure whether this “on-the-road” life is my normal life.  It would be pretty sweet to have this exciting and ever changing life style.  Does normal life has to be routine and boring as I used to believe?  Can my life be action packed, fill with passion and overflow with surprises?  Why not?  I wish I could travel 365 days a year but, realistically, I can’t.  Then, how do I keep my every life like my travelling days? 


Side note.  One of he reasons I think that most people, including me, think “normal’ or day-to-day life is boring.  I believe everything is possible.  Don’t let other’s “that’s not going to work” or “your can’t have it all” to stop you from chasing after what you truly want and believe in is one big lesson I’ve learned.  People are generally afraid of things that are different from what they are familiar with as feeling that they are belong and blend in make them feel secure.  When someone tries to do something different, they will tend to discourage them because they are uncomfortable of difference but not that whatever your idea is does not work.  Most of the time!


Explore your city as you will travelling to a foreign one

The first thing is to figure what you want.  Then, believe that you can make it happen.  There are so much to do and so much to see in your own city.   Most people just don’t explore their own city.  Foreign cities always trigger higher curiosity out of people.  I don’ know how many times I got commented or I commented other that “I can’t believe you haven’t been to XYZ place after you’ve living here for X years!”. 


  1. Check out the tourism site of your city.  Plan to visit these places on your weekends. 
  2. Stop going to the same restaurant week after week.  Pick up a magazine on the hottest restaurants in your city.  Try them out.
  3. ask your co-worker what do they do and try them out.  Shake up your routine life.  Live someone’s else for a weekend might be interesting.
  4. What outdoor stuff do your tourism office promote about your city or cities around you.  Do them.  You might be surprise what your city has o offer.

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