Friday, April 10, 2009

Ability to Be Curious and Ask Questions.

It is great to have young people and have fresh ideas. I heard that a lot when I just started working everytime I join a new team. Then it would cross my mind, "Well, I am a fresh grad. I don't know much and am here to learn. I'm sure you have a lot more capable people with experience working here. I certainly hope you do as that's the reason why I'm here."

As I worked a bit longer, I soon realize that as you work in the same place for a while, it is hard to maintain your ability to question things. You will start taking things for granted and accept the way things are.

It is such a simple skill but so important. Asking questions allows you to uncover new ideas, make improvements, and better your planning. However, isn't it sad that a lot of people loose their ability to ask questions as they grew older.

After learning about this, I, then, started to observe people around me in their ability to ask questions. I found that people who are successful at the place where I work all hard questions. They can absorb information on the spot, analyze them critically, and ask critical questions. That's why they are being paid the big bucks. If it is true, everyone of us has the ability to do so as we learned how to ask questions when we were in grade school.

Wouldn't it be so boring if you lose your curiosity, ability to ask question, and accept the world the way it is? But, what's the best way to preserve your ability to ask question?

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