Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Post-80s Born Babies' Definition of Success vs. Baby Boomers

Being a 80s baby, I live and breath a constant struggle with what I've been taught as success versus what I have in mind.  

(I could very well an Asian thing).  "Adults" taught me since I was a child that success means getting a good education, finding a good paid/well respected job, own a house, and get a decent life style.  Grown up and lived/worked in Metropolitan cities like Hong Kong and Toronto, I witness countless people living up this belief of success and working day-after-day 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14....hours a day on weekday, may be weekends toward this goal of theirs.

Is getting a well paid/well respected job while giving up my personal life, social life, family life and may be health in exchange for money, and executive title means success to me?

In conversation with friends of mine who are post-80s babies, I found a number of us are struggling with this question.  

I notice a lot more people in their 20s really try to expose themselves internationally and acquire a wide variety of life experience.  If can afford, we are willing to take no pay leave for an extended time away travelling.  "What a luxury you kids living a spoiled life!" is not an uncommon comment I've heard from a few Baby Boomers I told of my travelling.

This kind of choice speaks of a characteristic of post-80s born babies.  We're in search of the meaning of success for our generation.  We question what we've been taught by our parents.  Does it apply to me?  If not, what is?

Success should encompass both personal and career.  There should be balance.  And personal and career goal can be an integrated goal.  Why not?

I'm excited to be part of a generation that is shifting from previous generation's mind set.  There's a new era ahead of us for sure.

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