Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where to Shop in South America: Argentina vs. Brazil Leathers

Ladies. DO NOT miss out on the Brazilian leather products. They have some HOT shoes and great purses for very economical price. I so regret that I didn't buy more pairs.

I've heard that both Argentian and Brazilian leather products are famous. From my experience, Brazilian leather products have higher quality and economical price. The purse and shoes I bought in Argentina was OK but relatively much more expensive. So, my advice is, go crazy shopping for those pumps in Brazil.

  • Dumond in Rio and Brasilia, Brazil. They got some crazy pumps. Love that shop.
  • Mr. Cat has some pretty affordable purses
Rio Shopping locations:
  • Leblon Shopping Center and around that area
  • Barra Shopping Center
Buenos Aires:
  • Pulmero District around the Soreno Plaza: funky and trendy shops

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