Saturday, March 14, 2009

Argentina: Steak and Wine Indulgence

Argentina is heaven if you LOVE meat, specifically beef. From the quality, and variety of meat, the knowledge of local Argentinian in selecting and cooking their piece of meat to perfection, to the variety of compliments for their steak and Argentinian BBQ sauce that supplement the steak and enhance its taste.

Restaurants I've been and recommend.

La Cabrera (Palermo)

Fantastic restaurant if you want to treat yourself with a delicious meal and have a fantastic time with your friends/travel mates. The service was great and you won't believe the variety of supplements that comes with the piece of steak you order. To be honest, I have better steak but the experience was worth every penny.
Avg spending: $100 p include wine

On Defensa - I'm trying to remember the name (San Telmo)
Great value. ONLY for Asado. The other steak were not cook with skill. Service wasn't great. It is a popular and busy place.
Avg spending: $20 p include beer

Know your meat:

Asado de Tira - BBQ beef ribs (so good.....)
Bife De Chorizo - If you are looking for the best steak on the menu, go for this. There's another version with fat but I can't remember what they call it in Spanish.
Ojo De Bife
Bife De Pobre (?) - Poor Man's Beef.

I don't know why Argentinian love to cut their meat to very thin piece in the super market and in most of the resturant. Unlike the big thick piece of beef we are accustom to in North America. We have to go through so much trouble to tell them to cut us bigger piece when we cook on our own in hostels (which is often the case...we rather spent moreo on the beef). On avg., for 3 piece of reg 10 oz T-bone steak, it cost $20 p in total.

Buenos Aires

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