Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Peru - Inca Trail Company

Peru Trek (http://www.perutrek.biz/)

There´re a lot of companies offering the traditional Inca Trail tour at Cuzco, Peru. Me and my friends went with Peru Trek. I recommend this company as oppose to others beside the smoothness of the trip because:

1) Fair porters treatment
  • All the porters were given proper gears to trek the Inca Trail that I witnessed is not standardized across all companies offering Inca Trail Tour. All porters on my tour were given proper sneakers, branded jackets, water proof tents, and other equipments. You will be surprised to find these basic needs are not being offered across the board among all of the companies offering the Inca Trail. I saw one porter even have back support equipment, which is over and above what I expected.
  • All of the porters were unionized and have life insurance (again not a standardized requirement).
2) An extra mile to keep the folks on the team healthy
  • A few folks on my tour got sick. The guide provided proper care (i.e. special made tea to help nausea and stomach problems, medicinces) to ensure the folks are healthy.
3) What´s promised was what I got.
  • There were no surprises nor extra hidden fees
When you shop around for your Inca Trail, I hope you will keep the wellfare of the porters in your mind.

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