Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Altitude sickness?! :-O [Cuzco, Peru]

It was a long night at Lima Airport (5 hours overlay in the middle of the night) waiting for my flight to Cuzco. I´ve totally forgot to take the altitude sickness pills I´ve got from the Travel Clinic util I boarded my flight from Lima to Cuzco. Crossed my finger I won´t get terribly sick from the altitude jump from sea level to 3,300 m at Cuzco. It would not be pretty if I got sick and start the Inca Trail on Jan 2nd.

Thank God that the pill worked. Beside slight light-headedness and minor obstacle in breathing upon my arrival at the Cuzco Airport. I did not feel too much of a difference.

I definitely felt the effects of the elevated altitude when I climbed the stairs up to the Sacsayhuaman, Cusco. I definitely breath more rapidly to get more oxygen. Normally with this kind of "exercise", it definitely wouldn´t cause me to breath like this.
I found one good way to avoid getting sick while treking or any form of exercise in elevated areas is to make sure you make deep breath everytime you breath until your lung can´t inhale more air.

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  1. sounds like an amazing adventure already, Jo! Looking forward to seeing more photos from your time over the, and hearing about them in person once we're on the same continent again, hehe. take care!