Monday, December 22, 2008

How do I get myself into a South America Trip?

Good question! It was really random. You got to believe, even if you are not religous, that someone out there is arranging how things work in this world - putting the right people, at the right place, and the right time.

As all of you, my friends and family, knows that I took off to Toronto (originally) for a few months for work. One of my high school friend coincidentally doing his internship in Toronto during summer had invited me to a house BBQ party of a group of new Toronto friends he made playing beach volleyball with. I happened to tag along to that house BBQ party that very weekend. And happened to meet and chat with the host and found out that he is going backpacking with a friend from HK to South America.

In my head, the thought of "Oh my God. I really wanted to go. I've always wanted to go anyways but can't go solo because it is unsafe. How often would you get the chance to find, not one but 2 guys going to South America with?". [Here it was. I've decided to go. Yes. I know I am kind of impulsive to make this decision in 5 seconds given the fact that I just met this dude for may be 2 hours.]

This guy and his friend, who've I eventually spent 2 days with just before they took off their first bit of the backpacking trip, must think I am nuts. But here I am, I said I wanted to tag along, applied for my leave of absence, bought my plane ticket, squeezed the last bit of my saving out, and packed my back today ready to go on this trip.

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  1. You´d be surprised to see how many female backpackers traveling solo in SA. What´s odd is, instead, seeing two guys traveling together. A threesome must be considered as a gang. lol... anyways, keep counting down to your trip buddy!